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Alicja Kanst, the curator of the Chopin Muzeum speaks about Żelazowa Wola

Reflection on where and why are we going emerges already on the way to Żelazowa Wola. Here, there is time, place and possibility to sit and think. We’ve prepared our offer for three groups of visitors. Firstly, for the guests visiting Żelazowa Wola for the first time with an organized trip. Secondly, for school children there are special museum lessons given by the museum staff. Thirdly, for people who come for the weekend and want to rest in the Park, listen to a concert, visit the bookshop or the restaurant. I hope that we have been able to create a very special place which will attract attention of many people. Chopin will be the aim of the journey, but also a pretext to foster the sense of beauty and harmony in our children and teenagers.

Żelazowa Wola has its shape which developed very strongly from the moment Chopin had left this region. The Guest Book is a leading motive of the exposition in the Manor. The first impressions, emotions and reflections of the visitors written down during the visit are always a priceless document in the museum. We are exhibiting the first guest book started by the Music Society, to illustrate how vividly people reacted to this place in 1894.

Alicja Knast was interviewed by Krzysztof Komarnicki

We invite everyone to visit Żelazowa Wola.

Planting in the park co-funded by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.


The Places in the Park


Prelude – the reception-entrance building shaped as a garden bungalow. The building contains ticket offices, a stand with the audioguides, a shop with souvenirs and a café.



Polonaise – a bridge over Utrata



Mazurka – a bridge over Utrata



Barcarolle - the stage near the pond with the infrastructure. Here the open-air concerts will take place during the summer months.



Scherzo – at the back of the park the orangery is located, where one can buy plants directly from Żelazowa Wola.



Nocturne – the old garden salon at the back of the Manor with the path leading to the Chopin monument sculptured by Józef Gosławski.



Etude – reception-guest building with the multifunctional hall for about 80 places. On the other side of the hall there is a restaurant for about 40 guests. Light and transparent glass walls of the building enable the constant view at the enchanting park.