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The Fryderyk Chopin Museum strives to meet the challenges faced by a modern museum.  One of our priorities is to adapt our building to the needs of the disabled so that they can have easy access to all exhibitions.  The building is equipped with ramps, platform lifts, a lift, and a toilet for the disabled.  The lift and platforms provide access to every level of the Museum, although not to the Warsaw Room and the Children’s Room, in which it was not possible to install platform lifts for conservation reasons.  Entry to the Museum by wheelchair is from Tamka Street, beneath the stairs leading to the main entrance.



In order to facilitate access to the Museum for disabled persons, please let us know when you plan to visit (tel. 22 44 16 251 or 22 44 16 252).

 A member of our staff will wait for you in the courtyard in front of the ticket office to help with purchasing tickets and entering the building. Museum staff will also be glad to assist you inside the Museum.  If you cannot contact us by telephone, please ring for assistance using the bell at the entrance for disabled persons off Tamka Street (see the picture).

Music and soundscapes are treated as key elements of our exhibitions, making active visits possible for the visually impaired, and display cases contain a written version of multimedia elements so that the hearing impaired can fully understand the exhibitions.