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The Night of Museums in the Chopin Museum was filled with music and romantic aura. On the night of 18th and 19th (6 PM-1 AM) magical things happened...

If you approach by night and turn your face to the water, stars above you and stars below and you'll see two moons. [Jeżeli nocną przybliżysz się dobą I zwrócisz ku wodom lice, Gwiazdy nad tobą, i gwiazdy pod tobą I dwa obaczysz księżyce.]

Only during this special night the main entrance to the Museum was through the terrace, which regularities, designed during the post-war renovation, were disturbed by a romantic element. Above the terrace two moon-like lamps were instaled glancinf aside off the fountain.    

Curators: Katarzyna Kasica and Maciej Janiski, cooperation: Marta Tabakiernik.