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Unexpected, shocking technologies

„The amount of the technological innovations made a deep impression not only on the youngest guests. – I am a person of the older generation and for me this technology and the way of exhibiting the material was a shock. I had to use the help of the museum worker to guide me through the exposition. – said one of the guests. Yesterday the visitors were invited to the museum for free – as it is to be every Tuesday.”

Polska Warszawa, 07.04.2010


The Museum opened at last!

 „After a month of testing, the Chopin Museum was officially opened yesterday for ordinary visitors. The tickets in the online booking system are available not before June, but with a bit of a luck one can enter the Museum at hand. – It is worth trying – comment the guests.”

Rzeczpospolita, 07.04.2010


Family Museum – visiting with children

 „The Chopin Museum is to be one of the few Warsaw cultural institutions really friendly for children. Full of enthusiasm we went with our five years old son on a conquest of the Ostrogski Palace. While entering, we received special magnetic cards – keys to the treasury of this palace, in other words, key to the multimedia level of the museum. Unfortunately, our son Emil did not receive his own card. Probably to avoid the card being lost, eaten, broken… who knows what one can expect from the five years old visitor…”

Rzeczpospolita, 02.04.2010


Camilla Parker Bowles in the Museum

Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles visited the Chopin Museum on her trip to Poland. She spent 45 minutes going around the new rooms in Ostrogski Palace., 18.03.2010


Rooms in the New Museum

Each of the rooms surprises us in a different way. In the Warsaw Room we can hide in specially isolated cabins, there, with the use of multimedia panels, we are able to delight ourselves in listening to a chosen Chopin piece. In the room devoted to Paris, we can smell the violets, hear the rumble of chats coming from the Parisian street, crackling of the fire in the fireplace. In the most conventional room - Death - one can see a embalmed wisp of Chopin's hear and also cast of his face done immediately after composer's death., 12.03.2010


Museum for all the senses

In the newly opened multimedia Chopin Museum in Warsaw one uses all 4 senses: sight, touch, smell and heating. The room with the piano is filled with violet smell. It is coming from white and black bottles decorated with the Chopin's profile, piano or a part of the mazurka.

Rzeczpospolita, 04.03.2010


Multimedia Museum

On the surface of 4600 square meters are presented exhibits connected with life and Works of Chopin. Thanks to the multimedia level of the exhibition every visitor will be able to chose one's own root through the Museum. The special electronic chip card will serve as a key and a self guide.

Kurier Szczeciński, 02.03.2010


Transformed Ostrogski Palace

Whoever visited the Ostrogski Palace before the renovation will probably not recognize the rooms. The biggest impression make the basements for the first time made accessible for the visitors. The rough bricks of the XVII century walls very nicely contrasts with the Glass, from which the platforms and stairs are been made.

Rzeczpospolita, 02.03.2010


The opening of the Chopin Museum - Gazeta Wyborcza

"The opening of the Chopin Museum. The effect is incredible - as if the fireball  run into the Ostrogski palace and took the palace full of exhibits into the new dimension and the 21st century."

The whole article is available here (only in Polish)

Gazeta Wyborcza Warszawa, 01.03.2010


New life of Chopin's Birth Place

The place of Chopin's birth begins its new life. With the rebuilt manor and the restored gardens and modern pavilions for the museum staff - the Chopin's birth place is becoming a museum of the European quality.

Gazeta Wyborcza Warszawa, 22.02.2010