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From 24 October 2016 to 27 February 2017, conservation and restoration work on the historical ceilings will be conducted at the Fryderyk Chopin Birthplace. We invite you to visit the permanent exhibition starting 28 February 2017.

The beautiful floral polychromes on the historical ceiling beams in the Fryderyk Chopin Birthplace were made in the 1930s – at the time when the historical annex, together with the surrounding land, was bought back from private hands. It was at this time that the annex in which Chopin came into the world was given, thanks to renovation and restructuring, the form of an aristocratic manor house, and on the surrounding lands, a unique park was built – the work of Franciszek Krzywda-Polkowski.

The interiors of the Chopin annex, rebuilt in national style, were decorated by Leonard Pękalski (who was with al. certainty the author of the decorations on the beams in the room where the Polish composer was born); according to documentation, Zygmunt Kamiński and Zygmunt Greinert probably also took part in the work.

Since the time of the Żelazowa Wola Museum’s official opening in 1949, the polychromes have been painted over several times, departing more and more from the original color scheme from the interwar period. It was only the renovation of the Chopin Birthplace in 2007, undertaken in connection with celebrations of the Year of Chopin (2010) that provided the opportunity to conduct the first thorough conservation and reconstruction of the polychromes. At that time, work was performed in three rooms: the present Chopin’s Birth Room, the Skarbek Room and the Park Monument Room.

Presently, nearly 100 years since the historical polychromes were painted, it is possible to continue the work begun in 2007–2008, in order to fully restore the paintings’ original charm. The conservation program was developed on the basis of spot checks which have revealed more fragments of the interwar polychromes in three rooms not previously included in reconstruction work.


During the period when Fryderyk Chopin Birthplace is closed, we encourage you to visit the temporary exhibition To Chopin: Three Monuments to the Composer 1894 – 1926 – 1961. You will be able to admire the restored ceilings starting 28 February 2017.