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In an age of digitization and virtual reality, reflection on the human body takes on particular significance. We discern anew its honesty and authenticity; we pay attention to the corporeal aspect of art – a  source of tension between the human and the transcendent. Sound is the effect of an artist’s gesture and touch, and we feel music with our whole body and respond to it with movement.

J.-B. Clésinger’s cast of Chopin’s hand – a fetish object widely duplicated in our day, but once upon a time an image of the brilliant musician’s fragile physicality. Alongside it, paper hands of contemporary pianists made by the artists themselves. Further along – hands applauding a musician’s performance, the polyphony or unanimity of which are a clear response of the listener’s body, a confirmation that music is a form of communication and a shared experience of beauty.

The exhibition-installation Chopin. Le toucher pianistique was prepared by The Fryderyk Chopin Institute. The project has been executed by Studio Robot.

The exhibition is open until 15 October at the Gare de Lyon metro station (Van Gogh entrance).