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Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw has the world biggest collection of exhibits connected with Chopin: over 7000 objects. The collection consists of manuscripts, music editions, iconography and private belongings (calendars with notes, cufflinks, watch and manu others), letters written by Chopin and to him and old music instruments (including Chopin's last piano). 

Within the 17th Scientific Picnic organised by the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre we invite you to a picnic field game „Treasure Hunting”. The participants would have to find the Museum volunteer and complete few tasks concerning the museum collection, life and output of Chopin. Every participant will be given the newest Institute's release: Frycek in Antonin, and for all the gathered scores will be invited to join the auction and bid interesting Institute's publications: books and recordings and also tickets to the Museum and a double invitation to the concerts of the festival Chopin and his Europe.

Picnic Programme:

  • 10.00–20.00 Multimedia presentation and a story about the museum collection
  • 11.00–12.00 1st edition of the Picnic Game
  • 12.30–13.00 1st auction of NIFC publications – leader Arkadiusz Roszkowski
  • 13.30–14.30 2nd edition of the Picnic Game
  • 14.30–15.00 2nd auction of NIFC publications – leader Arkadiusz Roszkowski
  • 15.00–18.00 19th century frame ornamentation
  • 18.00–19.30 3rd edition of the Picnic Game
  • 19.30–20.00 3rd auction of NIFC publications – leaders Katarzyna Kasica & Marta Tabakiernik

Visit our stand No. 15 in sector 1 (entry in Poniatowskiego Avenue).

More information on the official website: http://www.pikniknaukowy.pl/