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On Sunday, 26th of May, a special May picnic took place in the Chopin Museum. Children, supervised by Michał Michałowski, participated in art workshops making portraits of their mums and of Fryderyk Chopin. Quick studies on the composer's physiognomy went on in the temporary exhibitions' hall.

Very special attraction was the „Great Weaving of the Piano” accompanied by Chopin's music (the idea of Iza Rutkowska). Wodden frame shaped like a normal concert piano was wraped by a group of children with ribbons and threads.

During the whole day in the Nohant exhibition hall a city game was held. The day ended with a piano recital given by Szczepan Kończal, well known from the cycle „The Young Talents”.

We thank all the guests for coming!

(photo: Agata Mierzejewska)