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On Saturday 20 April, two new installations in the cycle ‘Interpolations. Visual-audio interventions’ were opened in the Park at Żelazowa Wola:


DISCO, Katarzyna Postaremczak

This work is a quotation from reality – specifically from the ceiling of a discotheque. On this occasion, the mirrored ball is propelled not by the rhythm of pop music, but by the forces of nature. That does not mean, however, that its function has changed – it still provides a visual complement to the audio environment. We will discover that Chopin’s compositions, the sounds of nature and pop music are subject to essentially the same principles. While I was at Żelazowa Wola, I felt a bit like in a nature reserve, cut off from the rest of the world – peace, classical music, nature… and though at first it was pleasant, after a while it began to get disturbing. The huge sparkling ball – a symbol of pop culture – is a response to the mood of this place. [K.Postaremczak]

Katarzyna Postaremczak, born in Poznań in 1989, is current in the third year of her studies on the Intermedia department of the University of Arts in Poznań. Her interests revolve around the visual and audio arts.


CUCKOO, Tomasz Koszewnik

The Cuckoo intervenes in the park’s audial space. Hiding in the tree canopy, it signals its presence every hour, on the hour. [T.Koszewnik]

Tomasz Koszewnik was born in 1986, in Białystok. He lives and works in Poznań, where he studies intermedia at the University of Arts (since 2010). He previously studied culture anthropology at the University of Warsaw (2007–2010) and was a visiting student of Professor Mirosław Bałka’s Studio of Spatial Activities at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2011). He has produced installations, video films and photography.