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Leaving Home. Far From My Loved Ones.

The exhibition of Elżbieta Wejsflog’s paintings inspired by the music of Fryderyk Chopin will take place on the 17th of October in Fryderyk Chopin's Birthplace and Park in Żelazowa Wola.


There are paintings at the sight of which I seem to hear music.

[Fryderyk Chopin, letter to his family, Dresden, November 14, 1830]


If we were to compare Chopin’s sound effects with certain painting styles, we could say that this great virtuoso modulated sound in a way similar to which talented painters employ light and the surrounding air. It is mastery to capture the melody phrase or sophisticated arabesques of passages in half-lights on the borderline between dream and reality, and such exactly was Chopin’s art.

[Antoine Marmontel, Les Pianistes célèbres, Paris, 1878]


Reaching to the source of Chopin’s aesthetics, we discover that for him art was a kind of wordless communication, while the means of expression used in it formed the basis for a universal language. It is, as can be read in the notes to “The Method of Piano Playing”, a nonverbal “indefinite speech”, “a language of impressions, thoughts and emotions”.

Emotions contained in Chopin’s works and their original interpretations have touched listeners deeply and encouraged them to express the experienced feelings. Chopin’s music has become the source of inspiration for various forms of artistic and intellectual expression: music, literature and visual arts.

Elżbieta Wejsflog’s paintings resonate with Chopin’s art in a significant and original manner. They impress with simplicity, spontaneity and harmony of tones by moving rather than overwhelming the viewer. While looking at the artist’s works, we are under the impression that she listened to Chopin’s music exactly the way he wanted it.

Employing the technique of watercolours, which she believes to be “as transparent as music”, the artist achieves the effect of dissolving in space comparable to that of a growing and reverberating sound. Her brushstrokes follow the course of the musical narrative simultaneously exploring the phenomenon of turning it into the score’s signs and lines. While painting “live” during rehearsals at concert halls, the artist attempts to capture and express the ephemeral beauty of specific performances.

And what is most important, the painter makes an effort to rediscover and revive Chopin’s ideas. It is probable that the shared life experiences of emigrants “leaving home” might have been helpful in exploring them.


Elżbieta Wejsflog

Born on September 30, 1941 in Błędów near Warsaw into a family of artistic traditions. Wejsflog graduated from the Graphics and Artistic Poster Department of the Academy of Arts in Katowice (then a branch of the Academy of Arts in Kraków) and earned her Master of Arts degree in 1972 under the guidance of Professors: Andrzej Pietsch, Rafał Pomorski and Tadeusz Grabowski.

Since 1976 Wejsflog has lived in Sweden actively participating in the artistic life as well as teaching drawing and watercolour painting courses. She is the member of the Association of the Artists of the Kingdom of Sweden (KRO), the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP), and the Nordic Society of Watercolour Artists.

Following her debut in Bytom, Elżbieta Wejsflog has had numerous exhibitions organized in Poland and Sweden. Her works were also displayed at solo exhibitions in Switzerland and the USA as well as collective exhibitions in Norway, Denmark and France.

Music is the artist’s main area of interest. She regularly cooperates with the Philharmonic in Malmö and various music institutions. Fryderyk Chopin’s music has become a unique source of inspiration for her works. In 1975 Wejsflog received the 3rd Prize in the competition for the poster of the 9th edition of the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw.

The forms appearing on the paintings of Elżbieta Wejsflog show the artist’s interest not only in sound functioning in larger musical pieces, but also in the way it is produced: the piano theme recurs in many of her works. The inspiration with music is of a more or less specified character – the titles of her paintings do not always contain full names of musical compositions.

Nostalgia has been the dominant emotional message of Elżbieta Wejsflog’s works. The painter herself defines her art with the term Leaving Home.