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A dozen of extraordinary works inspired by the music of Chopin was made during the painting class for Polish artists with mental disabilities, which took place on the first weekend of August in the Park and Manor in Żelazowa Wola. On the 1st of October at noon Mrs. Anna Komorowska, the wife of the President of the Republic of Poland, will open a special exhibition of those unique works.

Participants taking part in the project were inspired by marvellous landscapes of the renovated Park designed by Franciszek Krzywda-Polkowski. Many works showed the Manor – house of Chopin’s birth and Chopin himself. One large-scale painting was surely inspired by Chopin’s music – music that is well known of its power to effect the imagination of many artists.

The participants used the acrylic paint and made their works on paper, wood, canvas, they also used oil pastels. Apart from standard formats of paintings, artists created few large-scale works – one of them was made with the use of dripping technique.

Finally 60 works were created during this special weekend.

Among 10 participants there were well known amateur painters, such as Klaudiusz Grabisna, Jacek Zdanowski, Radosław Pytelewski and Łukasz Waśniowski and they were accompanied by professionals – painter and graphic artist Piotr Młodożeniec and French painters Marie-Louise Bang and Giu Lessin.

Unconstrained, spontaneous, joyful, collective, experimental creation leads to great, original pieces of art – stressed the artists.

The whole project was organised by Fryderyk Chopin Museum and the Avant-garde Foundation – very well known from its spectacular artistic events supporting and promoting the creative work of disabled people. The aim of the project “Avant-garde Chopin 2011” is to promote the works of authors with some intellectual disabilities and therefore to equalise chances and appreciate their talent and also to promote Polish culture and fine arts.

For the first time in history of the museum, we hosted in the Park and Manor mentally handicapped artists, and the visitors were to see the process of creating the works – explains Alicja Knast, the curator of the Chopin Museum. – These unique paintings, inspired by the life and works of Chopin, will form an exhibition opened to all the visitors coming to Żelazowa Wola.

In Poland adults with mental disabilities seldom have an opportunity to develop their artistic and professional potential – stresses Margaret Samborska, founder and chief of the Avant-garde Foundation. – Art gives those people a possibility to experience a positive social, cultural and economic transformation. During the open-air meetings mentally disabled people work together with professional artists and inspire one another. That’s more, due to the selling of works, they can earn some money.    

Darek Sędrowicz, one of the artists promoting the Foundation, summarises: Avant-garde Foundation is a spirit of creativity, and I made friends with this spirit.

The works created during the open-air meeting will be showed on an exhibition from the 1st of October in Żelazowa Wola. Other works can be seen in the gallery of the Avant-garde Foundation in the European Hotel in the Krakowskie Przedmieście Street 13 in Warsaw.