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Fryderyk Chopin Museum has been listed by the National Geographic Traveler as one of the 35 most interesting places in Poland and is now a candidate in the plebiscite 7 new wonders of Poland.

This plebiscite lasts the whole summer – the voting will end on the 15th of September. The results will be presented in October, when we will be presented with the 7 winning places and the „wonder number one”. We are very happy that our Museum Has been placed among these unusual and very interesting Polish tourist attractions.

The old Polish proverb sais, and the organisers recall, that: „You glorify foreign, but don’t know your own”. It’s quite right – sais Martyna Wojciechowska, the editor-in-cheif of the National Geographic Traveler. – Poland is not only the best, but also undergoes very quick changes. In the last few years Poles have started to discover many forgotten historic buildings, renovate them and change them into tourist pearls. Polish people have also finally started appreciating the beauty of Polish nature. That’s why we decided to announce a plebiscite 7 new wonders of Poland. Many of these places can become a real magnet attracting tourists from Poland and abroad.

Thanks to the attention of the local governments and subsidies from the European Union Polish regions change and become more attractive. While choosing the candidates we consulted mainly the local tourist organizations and local governments’ representatives. We assumed, that local societies have the best knowledge about their neighbourhood and its most precious attractions. – adds Marcin Dzierżanowski from the editorial staff of the NG Traveler.

One can vote for their favorite place via SMS till the 15th of September. One person can vote countless times. SMS is to be send on the number 71001 with contents as follows: TR.code of the chosen award.number of the candidate. If you would like to vote on our Museum, the candidate’s number is 15. All votes will take part in lottery-drawing with the opportunity of winning very attractive prizes.

Details: National Geohraphic Traveller