For over a month the red Festival posters are easily noticeable in the streets of al. big Polish cities.

This edition of the 6th International Festival Chopin and his Europe is the biggest of al. music events organized by the Chopin Institute. During 31 days audience will hera 56 different concerts. 

In the present, 5th issue of the Magazine one will find:

- Interview with Stanisław Leszczyński – artistic director of the 6th International Festival Chopin and his Europe.

- Column by Stanisław Dybowski

- Next chapters of the cycle about the great Chopin interpreters and the history of the record industry.

- The monologue of the piano – Column by Andrzej Chłopecki

- Answer to the question what Chopin learned in Warsaw.

- The programme of the 65th International Chopin Festival in Duszniki Zdrój.

- Holiday routes of Chopin in Europe

We wish everyone pleasant reading.
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