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We invite you to visit one of the most modern museums in the world, in which every guest is treated individually even when being with a bigger group.

All this thanks to the technology popularly called a „safety-pin”. It is nothing more than just a RFID card (Radio Frequency Identity Card – RFID), which can be encoded in such a way that enables selecting the language of the multimedia layer of the museum – Polish or English – and also selecting the level of narration.

This means that each time Chile coming to the Museum one can discover its beauty, novelty and uniqueness anew on a different level of narration.

The card is secured by a small deposit of 5 PLN to be paid in the ticket office and after visiting the museum and returning the card to be given back to the guest.

If you are planning to visit the Museum Turing the holidays we recommend buying the tickets earlier with the use of our website

This will secure for you the entrance to the Museum on the particular, chosen day and time.

The Museum invites the guests from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 AM to 8 PM. On Tuesdays the entrance is free.