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From the last Friday of June the Warsaw citizens and tourists can admire two special large format paintings made on the walls of tenement houses around the Chopin Museum. The campaign „Chopin in Warsaw – 200 years from the great move” is a part of the official celebrations of the Chopin Anniversary Year.

Murals occupy 600 square meters. First one, placed on the wall of the tenement house by Konopczyńskiego Street, remains in a convention of graffiti. Second one was painted right behind the Chopin Museum and refers to the poetics of a comics.

The authors of the project made the paintings in the street-art convention. Chopin murals are a very modern approach to the life and work of the composer, who spent in Warsaw 20 years of his life.

Comics mural near the fountain with the golden duck was created by a dozen or so people from all over the world. Using the technique of collage they put together 18 specially designed works containing motives referring to Chopin’s life.

The painting by the Konopczyńskiego Street concentrates on the picture of young Chopin crossing the present-day Tamka Street. The head of the figure presents in a symbolic way the map of the capital city divided into two parts – the left refers to the times of Chopin’s times in Warsaw and the right to the Chopin’s fortune out of the country.

The Chopin Museum invites the visitors from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 AM do 8 PM. On Tuesdays the visit is free.