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During this year’s “Night in the Museums” almost 700 people visited the Chopin Museum in the Ostrogski Palace in Warsaw. A special atmosphere of this place attracted so many visitors that this was the place where the longest queue in Poland was waiting to enter the Museum.

The ceremonial opening of the Night in the Chopin Museum was celebrated by: Włodzimierz Paszyński – vice-president of Warsaw, Andrzej Sułek – director of the Chopin Institute and  Alicja Knast – curator of the Museum.

Masters of ceremony were Maria Seweryn (first half of the night) and Dariusz Kowalski. The actors lent their voices to the recordings of the texts for the multimedia points of the new Chopin exhibition. During the night in the Chopin Museum they also took the roles of the reporters of the special live studio. The visitors of the Museum could to express their experience and opinions about Chopin by completing the sentence: “For me Chopin is…”

“Chopin’s guests” could also admire a graffiti of External Art Foundation created by Zbigniew Rogalski, a multimedia presentation „Great Illumination for Fryderyk” in the Street-Art-like style with the elements of a cartoon  prepared by Good Looking Studio.

There were also other attractions for the guests who visited the Museum by night: possibility of taking a special stylized photograph  of a dignified lady with a lace umbrella and a gentleman in tail-coat.

On the courtyard of the Ostrogski Palace the special screen was placed on which films connected with the Museum were shown. Among the authors of the films were such well-known names as: Kasia Adamik, Boris Kudlička, Adam Dudek and Maciej Puczyński.

Up to very late at night from the terrace of the Ostrogski Palace visitors could hear Chopin’s music, being the background for the spectacle “Waiting for Chopin”, prepared by the ART Foundation of Maria Reif.  From 7 PM every hour the guests could enrich their knowledge about Chopin with the help of his music and fragments of his letters full of very precious biographical information from Chopin’s life – letters read by specially invited actors.

During the night the guests were asked to fill in the form in which they were to put the words they associated with Chopin. The most frequent designations were: music, piano, a Pole, romantic, gentle.

For the guests with free tickets the Museum prepared a music surprise in the Concert Hall: piano recitals given by the students of the Chopin Music University – Małgorzata Goroszewska, Bartosz Ludkiewicz, Anna Hajduk.