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One of the most crowded places in Warsaw during the “Night in the Museums” was the Chopin Museum, opened two months ago. On Saturday hundreds of people were waiting for the entrance to the Museum – the queue was standing along Tamka Street up to Kopernika Street.

The guests were offered coffee, and the most recent issue of the Chopin Magazine was distributed.

- I’ve been waiting here with my girlfriend and friends since 5 PM. We came by car from Skierniewice. I’ve read that the Museum is very modern and one can even smell the violets – Chopin’s favourite flowers – in there. – said Marcin, who was lucky to enter the Museum at 8 PM.

The evening was initiated on the courtyard by Andrzej Sułek, the director of the Chopin Institute. The Vice-president of Warsaw, Włodzimierz Paszyński, instead of a speech, read a poem by Konstanty I.Gałczyński entitled “Muzeum i dziewczyna” [Museum and a girl].

During this unique night one could truly “experience Chopin”, according to the idea of the new Chopin Museum.  The visitors had the possibility to get closer acquainted with  the Composer, his sense of humor and his amazing imagination. Everything accompanied by a unique festival of lights and sound.