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After a thorough renovation and modernization the new Chopin Museum has been finally opened on the 1st of March 2010 to honour the 200th Anniversary of Chopin’s Birth.

- It is a most modern biographical museum in Europe and possible in the whole world. – said the Minister of Culture Bogdan Zdrojewski.
The Museum will be opened for the visitors on 6th April.

In the ceremony participated Polish President Lech Kaczyński with his wife Maria Kaczyńska, archbishop of Warsaw Kazimierz Nycz, apostolic nuncio archbishop Józef Kowalczyk and the President of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.

The President Lech Kaczyński during the ceremony emphasised the place of the Chopin Museum in the Polish cultural world. According to the President the opening ceremony makes an excellent example of the historical politic which has to be promoted. As the President said, Fryderyk Chopin has a very special place among al. the Polish musicians and composers. His works maintained a unique Polish character, despite the fact that the composer spent most of his life abroad in the times when Poland didn’t exist on the European maps.

- This Chopin’s house, because it is hard to name it just an institution or a museum, once belonged to the Chopin family – mentioned the Minister of Culture.

The Museum has been thoroughly modernized according to the new project, so that the museum space together with the new concert hall was increased by 90% in comparison with the old museum.

We want the museum to be a universal, inspiring, unique place and at the same time meeting the individual requirements of the visitors. – said Alicja Knast, curator of the Chopin museum.

On the area of 4600 square meters will be presented the exhibition connected with different periods of the composer’s life and work. The museum has a very complex multimedia path due to which the visitors will have an opportunity to select the most interesting subjects and broaden their knowledge on Chopin's biography. The special chip card will help the visitors serving as a key and an individual guide around the exhibition.

Different roots can be selected: from the long one – lasting few hours, very detailed, created especially for the connoisseurs, up the short one, much easier, dedicated to all the visitors who do not know Chopin’s biography and works. There is also a very special room for children designed to show Chopin’s life and output to the youngest visitors.

The whole collection of the Chopin Museum consists of 5 000 exhibits, among which there are autographs and first editions of Chopin’s works, his correspondence, documents, important editions of the works of Chopin and his contemporaries and also paintings, graphics and sculptures.

Source: TVP INFO