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With the help of an electronic ticket guests will specify their preferences, and a moment later... they will walk into the unknown before Chopin's world. The new Museum in Ostrogski Palace is in fact eleven separate museums with different assumptions All equipped in multimedia elements, interactive, focusing on the individual visitor. The guests will familiarize themselves not only with the facts from Chopin's life and output, but will also experience his inspirations. Light, sound, touch, smell – all this will attract the senses of the visitors, so that the experiencing of Chopin will be full.

The Museum has been designed by Italian architects: Migliore+Servetto.

After the official ending of the preparations, the exposition will be "tested" for one month. Within the framework of the social consultation the opinions were expressed by: art representatives of arts, research, education, also cultural attaché of European cities, representatives of the tourist council, students, journalists and famous people. All to elaborate the details and present to the visitors the highest quality of the institution, that will serve as a national Chopin centre.