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On the 6th of April the New Chopin Museum in Warsaw was visited by about 400 guests. Among the visitors were Polish and foreign groups. Everyone was able to find something interesting for oneself.

Already an hour before the opening of the Museum in the ticket offices appeared great number of guests, who previously made reservations for the tickets. All of the guests had lots of expectations for the Museum, about which there was so many information in the press. The first opinions have already shown that the expectations have been met.     

- I have never seen such Museum, and being a historian I did visit many deferent Museums - said Jerzy Kurstak, living in Grodno, studying and currently staying in Warsaw. - The Museum is incredibly modern, also due to the special electronic card enabling the exploration of the multimedia.

- I could have spent here all Day. Next time I will reserve definitely much more time - plans Mrs. Edyta Prusińska, also studying in Warsaw - I have heart a lot about today's opening in the radio but I did not expect the Museum to be so impressive - she added.

Positively surprised  were also young fans of Chopin and his music. I very much enjoyed the amount of information, which may be obtained from the multimedia. - these were the opinions given by the young, 18 years old visitors from Warsaw: Joanna Skowrońska, Maciej Kaczmarczyk i Michał Stękiel, who were lucky to get the tickets.

One may mention much more positive opinions. The interest in visiting the Museum is enormous, which is proved by the over 1500 applications sent to the Museum requesting the primary booking of the tickets. The available dates of those reservations are very diverse. The application calendar notes the applications for the first days of April as well as the last days of the year. On the website there is a specialty designer online reservation  calendar available for all the people interested in visiting the Museum. After creating an individual online account everyone can at all times check the available dates and buy the ticket.

Besides the innovative system of online reservations, also the traditional system of booking the tickets is available in the ticket office of the Museum. Ticket offices are located in the Chopin Information Centre, between the Ostrogski Palace and the new building of the Chopin Institute. The visitors will receive their individual RFID cards being the element interacting with the exposition. Despite the great interest of the visitors, it is worth checking the free dates in April. Not all of the primary reservations are realised and it sometimes happen, that coming straight from the street one may get the ticket in just few minutes waiting.

7th of April 2010