Chopin – Polonaise-Fantasy in A flat major Chopin's last piano - Pleyel Chopin's portrait by an unknown artist
George Sand by Desmadryl Chopin - Wojciech Weiss Chopin's caricature by George Sand
Chopin's gold pocket watch The furniture and personal items Sławni Pianiści [Famous Pianists] - Nicolas-Eustache Maurin
Chopin's exercise  book for calligraphy Chopin - lithograph by Ary Scheffer Delfina Potocka letter folder
Chopin visiting card Kuryer Szafarski, 31 August 1824

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  The Chopin visiting card with the address: 38, rue de la Chaussée d'Antin and the autograph note by thecomposer to Julian Fontan, 1936-39, Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina, M/1048.  

The exhibit can be seen in the room: Chopin Paris Salon